Responsive Design - Design For Smartphone, Tablet & Desktop

Not everyone visiting your website will be using a traditional desktop or laptop computer.

In fact all evidence shows that these desktop/laptop users will soon be in the minority. More and more people are now accessing the web using touch-based mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Moreover, mobile usage research from Google shows the biggest recent increase in those using these mobile devices occurred in the UK.

Making your website work better for mobile visitors

It's important then, especially if your site's target audience fits closely to mobile user groups, that you have a website that is easy and enjoyable to use for your mobile visitors, as well as those on desktop computers.

Unfortunately, most websites designed for desktop don't work very well on mobile devices. This is particularly true for smaller devices such as smartphones (small screened, touch based, web enabled mobile phones).

Our Solution: Responsive Design - A Single Website For All Devices

Responsive Design is a web development/coding approach that allows a website to 'serve' the same data (aka - info, texts, images, etc) to all visitors, but presents that data differently, dependent upon what device each visitor is using. A website that automatically 'responds' to the visitor.

We use Responsive Design because it's the most efficient and cost effective solution. Unlike other solutions (separate desktop and mobile versions of a site), we only need to develop a single website that works for all your visitors. And you have a single website that's easy to update and maintain.