SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Naturally, all the websites we create come optimised for Search Engines, but we also offer SEO as a separate service.

The simple fact is people can't come to your website if it can't be found on Google. Moreover, even if it is found by Google, unless it appears on the first page or two, you're not likely to receive many visits either.

Basically, your website has to be optimised for search engines.

We'll Develop a Strategy for You

We provide a series of strategies to improve your website SEO, dependent on your resources, time and budget.

We'll start simply by reviewing your existing website and produce a report on how you can quickly and easily start improving your 'on-page' optimisation. This will include how your website text can be better organised and better targeted, and where to place those crucial 'keywords' that Google uses to determine what your website is really about.

Advanced Strategies

More advanced strategies include how to use Social Media (Blogs, Twitter, etc) to improve your websites 'authority'. Websites that are seen by Google as authoritative rank highest. We'll research your competitors, and suggest niche search terms that will give you a better chance of of appearing at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs)

We will also advise on the technical side of SEO: Google prefers websites that are correctly coded with strong semantic meaning and logical site hierarchies.