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You need to to find someone to Design & Develop your Website for you, but deciding who to use is difficult, after all, unless you come through a referral, you don't really know us from Adam? In this respect, we think having some case studies for you to look at, can be helpful.

These concise case studies deliberately focus on our customers with whom we have a long term, on-going working partnership. It is hoped these will give you at least some insight to what it is really like to work with Frieze Design.

(1) VODG Partners: 2009 - Present

John Adams"Frieze Design provides an excellent, comprehensive and responsive service at very reasonable rates. I'm happy to let them look after all aspects of the VODG's website and completely depend on them to keep everything up-to-date and looking good."

John Adams OBE, VODG General Secretary - 1st Aug 2011


The VODG approached us back in April 2009, requesting we redesign their Website. The main problem was, up until then, they'd been stuck with an Web agency's costly, bespoke Content Management System (CMS) that lacked features and offered little in terms of custom design. We introduced VODG to the wonderful world of Open Source Content Management Systems: CMSs that are more capable, robust and up-to-date, than any of the bespoke options on offer.

Usability: Easy to Use, Easy to Read

The VODG website is essentially a 'informational' site designed to explain what the VODG does, encourage new membership, and offer news and advice to its existing members. It's a text-heavy website and visitors may be required to spend quite some time reading (from a screen!). Therefore, a major priority for us was to keep the site simple, free of distracting clutter, and to make sure it was easy to read.

Our understanding of good typography allowed us to produce page texts with a balanced contrast, and with a generous default text size, so as not to cause strained screen reading. A sensible 'content strategy' was also implemented, making it easy for visitors to navigate their way around the site to quickly find the information they're looking for.

So with the new website in place, early feedback from VODG members, suggested our approach had been extremely successful.

Managing the VODG Website

Not long after the launch of the new VODG website, VODG's own web administrator moved on to other things. So VODG asked if we'd like to manage the site for them. And we've happily been doing that for the past two and a half years, on a 'pay-as-you-go' basis.

On-Going Website Development

Since 2009 we've continued to work with the VODG to improve their website. This has included several updates to the user interface (UI) as the site expands. In late 2010, in partnership with the NHS, a large new section was added offering detailed information and resources on JSNA for VODG members.

Many new members have joined the VODG over this period also, so many new members pages have had to be added.

Other enhancements include adding a Blog with moderated comments and Twitter integration, and a simple image slider to the homepage.


Since we redesigned the VODG website in 2009 visitor numbers have increased by approximately 50%. As a consequence the VODG sees the website as a increasingly important means to communicate to its members and others. The site has been expanded and updates have become more and more frequent.

Membership has also increased by 30% during this period.

When we added the new JSNA section for VODG, we wanted it to be easily found via a high ranking on Google, etc. Using our knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the targeted search phrase 'JSNA resources' appears at the very top on Google.com.

Overall, we believe the new website has played a significant part in helping the VODG communicate better with its target audience, and at a more general level, raise awareness of the important campaigning work it does.

See our Portfolio for more on the VODG

(2) SAUK Partners: 2009 - Present

Sarah Wiles"As a very small charity with little budget for web development and IT we rely heavily on the support of Frieze Design to help guide the technical decisions that we make. Throughout various projects, which at times have had quite a lot of competing priorities, we have always been very pleased with the end results. All work has been completed on time, for affordable prices and the aftercare provided has been invaluable. I would happily recommend Frieze Design to other small charities"

Sarah Wiles, SAUK Communications Manager - 12th Aug 2011


The Scoliosis Association UK (SAUK) contacted us in October 2009, with a slightly unusual set of requirements. They wanted to keep their existing site's design, but needed a Content Management System (CMS) so they could manage their website in-house.


Unfortunately SAUK's existing design had some serious usability issues, as well as structural problems, that made it impossible to convert over to a CMS based site. Understanding this, SAUK wondered if the design could be adapted. So this was our brief. This incidently, is why the SAUK website doesn't appear in our portfolio: we didn't design it, we only adapted and developed it.

Developing the SAUK Website

Although SAUK's existing design was never going to be perfect, we did manage to adapt it so that all the major usability issues were removed, and the structure was 'logical' enough to allow SAUK staff to manage their site via a CMS. Once within this nonrestrictive CMS framework, SAUK were quickly able to expand the site, adding many times more pages, with important information for their visitors. The site continues to grow.

Further Development: Sister Sites

SAUK also asked us to redevelop their sister site, BSRF, in exactly the same way as the main SAUK website. In addition, they wanted to look at ways to develop further another area on their campaigning: The Scoliosis Campaign Fund (SCF), which up until then had been included as a sub-section of their existing websites.

It was agreed that the best, most effective approach would be to host three separate sites, and to help site visitors, provide strong inter-linking between all. Again, all three websites were adaptations of SAUK's own existing design.


SAUK are now successfully managing three websites, each on a separate CMS. We say successful because SAUK have twice had to upgrade their hosting package's traffic allowance (data transfer) in order to cope with the large-scale increase in website visitors.

SAUK continue to develop their web based activities, only weeks ago (July 2011) we added a fully featured private Forum for their members and volunteers.

The next planned upgrade is for the websites to be redesigned. The 'adapted' design has coped surprisingly well so far, but the way the sites have expanded and evolved, means a restructuring of each site's content and features would be enormously beneficial.

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