Website Management Service

Your website is important, and should be seen as a major asset to your organisation.

But can you dedicate the time, and do you have the in-house expertise, to ensure your website is something you can be really proud of?

Many organisations find it difficult to manage their website properly. This is usually due to lack of time and staffing resources. A common scenario is a staff member; with limited time, expertise or understanding, given the task of managing the website on a ad-hoc, part-time basis. The result is often a website that gets neglected, becomes increasingly disorganised, and is an unpleasant experience for all those who visit it!

An eventual possibility is a website that is actually detrimental to the organisation it was built to serve

Let us manage your website for you

We've been managing websites for close to a decade, and in employing our experience and expertise you'll have:

  • A website that is easy and enjoyable to use, with navigation and structure that is consistent and coherent.
  • A website with text that is formatted to be easy to read, and structured to reflect habits in the way people read from a screen.
  • A website that has images optimised to look professional and download fast.
  • A website that uses modern technologies and media that are compatible with the widest possible audience.
  • A website that will be optimised for Search Engines, so your profile is raised and the site more easily found.
  • A website that is more secure. If you're using a CMS, we'll make sure it's kept up-to-date.
  • A website that has better data protection. We'll back-up your CMS database and even make an HTML scrape at regular intervals.

Should you require, we can also re-code your website to ensure it:

  • Works correctly on all modern Web Browsers.
  • Is Mobile-Ready. Working on all devices including Smartphones and Tablets.