Sharing 18 Years of Web Design Knowledge, Expertise & Experience

We are different. Because our priorities are different.

When we design websites, we're less concerned about pretty photo sliders or resource-hungry, redundant, fancy-widgets (wow!). Instead, we're more concerned with 'what exactly is your website trying to achieve?' and 'who exactly is your website for?'

Our priorities are producing websites that communicate the right things to the right people.
Your Central Aims to Your Target Audience.

With us, your website will be tailor-made to fit best with your unique requirements.

Websites we've designed for charities and other organisations

What we offer is the expertise and experience that will allow you to make the most of this enormously important. multi-faceted communication platform.

Coherent, Usable, Accessible & Engaging Websites for Desktop, Smartphones and Tablets

By creating a website that people enjoy using, you'll have a asset that's really beneficial for your organisation. We'll advise on usability; site mapping, organising your content and navigation so your site is both coherent and consistent. We'll ensure your site is correctly coded, thereby making it accessible to everyone, including those using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. And we'll make it easy for all the Search Engines to find you.

So, What Makes Good Web Design?

Many consider web design as being primarily a visual thing - but that's only part of it.

Consider something most of us use everyday; a mobile phone. Ideally, it looks good and is easy to use. But if either of these qualities is missing, then the designer has failed. It is simply bad design (not 'great design', shame it's impossible to use). The same holds true for websites:

“Web Design isn't just about 'the look' - it's equally about a site being fast, easy to use, and accessible to everyone”

End-To-End Web Service

Through our work with a diverse range of organisations, charities, businesses and individuals, we believe we can deliver the web design and development package that best suits your needs. By choosing Frieze Design you'll receive a professional, cost-effective and 'complete' end-to-end web design and development service.

Our Comprehensive Web Service Includes: