We create usable, engaging websites that accurately reflect the aims, and compliment the character, of the organisations they represent

All our websites are informed by research and only then are they individually designed and coded to fit each of our customer's unique aims and requirements. We don't merely adapt designs 'on a whim' from predefined templates.

Our websites include a CMS and are produced to work on all web enabled devices (responsive design/design for mobile).

The examples below are selected to illustrate a diverse range of customers and design styles. Please note: each website portfolio link will open a new Browser tab/window.

Health Charter - For People with Learning Disabilities

Health Charter for People with Learning Disabilities

The Health Charter (right) working on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

The Health Charter was set-up to address the problem of health inequalities experienced by people with learning disabilities. It allows health and care organisations to sign-up to a series of pledges designed to rectify this unacceptable situation.

Based on the client's brief, we felt the homepage needed to strongly demonstrate these 'inequalities' in order to encourage people to sign-up. We also thought the process of 'signing-up' should feel like a simple step-by-step procedure. We created a text/image slider with stark statements about inequality for people with learning disabilities, and a contrasting four-box layout outlining what was needed for organisations to sign-up. Prompts to sign-up are available on every page, linking to the simple on-line web form.

Visit: The Health Charter Website

VODG Website - UK Disability Charities Umbrella Group

London Based Support Charity

The VODG is the largest UK based umbrella group for voluntary sector providers of social care services for adults with disabilities. Its 80+ members help over a 1,000,000 disabled people throughout the UK.

As a redesign project, we felt information needed to be better organised and more easily accessed. Early feedback suggests we've been successful in this.

One of VODG's main aims was to increase membership, so we created greater emphasis by including a detailed listing of existing members, the benefits to members, and an easy online application facility. News, regular blog posts and resources and were also included to encourage participation and repeat visits.

Frieze Design now also manages this website and, inline with all the websites we've produced since 2011, the VODG website is now mobile-friendly having been re-coded using responsive design.

Visit: VODG Website

McDougall Trust - Educational Charity

education charity website design preview

The McDougall Trust purposes are to advance knowledge of and to encourage the study of methods of election of and the selection and government of representative organisations whether national, civic, commercial, industrial or social.

Having worked with the McDougall Trust for over ten years, this is now our third revision of their website. The most important update has been that the new site now works perfectly on mobile and tablet devices, not just desktop. McDougall also wanted to feature more articles - book reviews, etc; so we added 'blog' and 'news' functions to accommodate these new requirements.

The website includes a Content Management System (CMS) installation, allowing the McDougall Trust to update and maintain their website's themselves.

Visit: McDougall Trust

Camphill Village Trust Website - Disability Charity

CVT - supporting adults with learning disabilities

Camphill Village Trust are a leading, long established and progressive UK charity supporting adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs.

CVT's old website had outgrown itself, having gradually become disorganised and suffering problems with usability. We suggested they needed to start again.

As always, we started by asking CVT to consider in-depth their main aims for the website; what they wanted to communicate, and with whom? Based on this information the new site's content was completely restructured to emphasise their core aims, and to aid usability/UX, a far simplier navigation menu was put in place.

The visual design is bright and inviting, yet professional and easy to read. It also works perfectly on all devices - Smartphones, Tablets and Desktop.

Visit: CVT Website

Assumption Volunteers Website - Volunteering Charity

AV - Charity volunteers offering their skills to poor communities

AV offers young adults an opportunity to share their gifts and skills in poor communities in the UK and overseas.

Things had got seriously messy at AV when they contacted us. They were in the process of having their website redesigned, but unfortunately it never fully materialised. An all too common story ...

We started by suggesting they make things far simpler, offering a new colour scheme and recommending they have their overly complex logo redesigned to fit. We simplified the primary navigation (menu) to just five section links, made reading easier through better overall layout and good typography. Lastly, to meet the demands of AV's target audience, we used 'responsive design' techniques to ensure all those using mobile devices (such as Smartphones and Tablets) got the best 'user experience' (UX).

On the website's launch we asked volunteers for their thought's on the new design:

"I was on the new website and I have to say you have done a wonderful job. I LOVE it! I Love the colours, the layout, everything."

Visit: Assumption Volunteers

FSG - Education & Preservation Charity

screen shot - FSG - Education Charity Website

The Fortress Study Group is an international society concerned with the study of all aspects of military architecture and fortifications.

The FSG came to us needing their site redesigned. The existing site had over time become disorganised, and from a usability perspective, the site was difficult for the visitor to navigate their way around.

We suggested they use a Content Management System (CMS), to help with structure, consistency and easier overall general management for their new website. FSG also needed a password protected 'Members Area', and having a CMS would make that simpler to implement too.

Working from FSG's instructions, our approach to design was to reflect the serious academic nature of FSG's work, but also to make the site visually appealing and welcoming to the 'casual' visitor.

Visit: The FSG Website

Halliday's Home & Hardware - Hardware Shop in London

Halliday's Home and Hardware website

Halliday's Home & Hardware, based in Wimbledon, London, were anticipating some important press coverage. Not having had their own website before, they thought it wise that they have a simple brochure website in place as soon as possible.

With a tight deadline in mind, we designed and developed a simple, clean and clear website centred around Halliday's main sale sectors - Interior Design, DIY and Trade. As a local, High Street business, we also made sure their contact details featured prominently on all pages.

It is important that all High Street retail businesses make their websites easily accessible to mobile users. Owners of Smartphones often use them whilst out-and-about, to find suitable shops in their area. We developed the Halliday's website to work on all devices, which allows every visitor's 'user experience' to be enhanced, whether using a mobile Smartphone, Tablet or a Desktop PC.

Visit: Halliday's Home & Hardware

Wycliffe Bible Translators - Christian Education Charity

screen shot - Wycliffe Bible Translators - Christian Education Charity

Wycliffe came to us needing a user-friendly, fully accessible website. As a large organisation, with projects operating all over the world, Wycliffe's old site was beginning to get unwieldy and struggling to cope.

This was a big project, with a great deal of information and media that needed to be carefully structured. To aid usability, three colour-coded main sections were created as the starting point for navigating the whole site. These colour-coded sections then continue with 2/3 sub menu levels.

To avoid the site looking dense and text heavy, pages were purposely kept fairly short, with a typographic style that's inviting and easy to read. Wycliffe's own beautiful images were used liberally to add that vital burst of energy and colour.

Visit: Wycliffe Website


"We are really thankful for all the hard work put in by Frieze Design on getting the new Wycliffe Bible Translators website up and running.

Richard was great to work with. He took time to consider the requirements of a large multifaceted organisation and provided us with simple and elegant solutions.

We're really pleased with the results."

Phil Prior, Head of Marketing, Wycliffe Bible Translators

"We are a small charity and cannot afford expensive rates and yet we needed something more professional than the do-it-yourself websites which we had tried. We looked about for new ideas on the internet and were impressed by Frieze Design which had done some attractive websites for charities and small companies.

Frieze Design had charity rates and could offer something within our budget.

Our experience with Frieze Design was very positive.

In addition to designing and producing the website to appeal to young adults, Richard also helped us with professional advice and solved any problems that occurred during the process. He was always available on email and visited us for an afternoon of staff training.

Now the website has been launched and we have had many positive comments from our returned volunteers.

We would certainly recommend Frieze Design to other charities."

Helen Granger - Web Manager, Assumption Volunteers.

"Feeling that it was time to overhaul our website we approached Freize Design and were encouraged by their quick and professional response.

Richard came back with an elegant and eye catching design, but was also happy to further develop it based on our feedback. He patiently and clearly answered all our questions throughout. We are very pleased with the final result and Freize Design would be our first choice for any future work."

Simon Barrass, Webmaster, Fortress Study Group