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We offer a wide range of website support, maintenance & management plans

We've been designing, developing, maintaining and managing websites for close to two decades. By employing our expertise, you can be confident your website will be safe and secure. We'll also ensure your website is optimised to be quick, stable and easy for visitors to use, on any device.

Read our example 'WordPress Maintenance' article.

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Sample Website Maintenance & Management Services :

Content Management System (CMS) Back-Ups

Off-line back ups of all the files used to power your website - including functional and media files. Essential should your website encounter errors.

Database Back-ups

Most websites rely on databases for real-time editing and updates. It's vital these can be restored should they become unstable or corrupted.

CMS Core Updates (for example WordPress)

Most CMSs are regularly updated with improvements and bug fixes. Before updating we'll check changelogs and support forums for potential issues.

Plug-In, Module & 3rd Party Updates

Installing updates for all non-core CMS add-ons. Check compatibility with CMS core, and check for any known stability issues before updating.

Design Theme/Template Updates & Adjustments

Update design themes for compatibility with CMS core. Adjust template code to improve website usability and user experience (UX).

Technical Support Cover

Should your website encounter any issues that cause it to malfunction, we'll seek to have it up and running again, as soon as possible.

Website Audit and Monitoring

Check and fix any uncaught issues on website :- layout issues, broken links, typos, non-optimised media (slowing website), etc ...

Access to Professional Expertise & Advice

Should you wish to make modifications to your website, or just need some advice, we can provide expertise on all things web related.

Sample Websites We Look After

WFSA, Medical Charity

Medical Charity

Designed, Developed & Maintained by Frieze Design

Visit: WFSA

Police Foundation, Research Charity

Police Foundation
Research Charity

Maintained by Frieze Design (Not Our Design)

Visit: PF

Blossom Aesthetics, Beauty Clinic

Blossom Aesthetics
Beauty Clinic

Designed, Developed & Managed by Frieze Design

Visit: BA

Sandford Trust, Religious Charity

Sandford Trust
Religious Charity

Maintained by Frieze Design (Not Our Design)

Visit: ST

Charity Website Support Service

90% of the websites we design and develop are for charities and non-for-profit organisations.

Our experience working with charity organisations is long and wide ranging. We've worked to develop sucessful websites for charities of all sizes, and have built-up a specialist expertise, unique to this sector.

Email us at for help and advice.

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