Web Design

Just How Important is Your Website?

“Our Experience suggests some organisations don’t value their website as much as they should”

Virtually every organisation needs to ‘communicate’ their existence, in order to function – and based on circumstances, there are hundreds of ways to do this. However, for most the easiest, most cost-effective and effective means, is to create a website.

Why Your Website Is Important

The “Web” has defined a new era – ‘The Information Age”, and it has become the default place everyone goes when they need information. The Web is the automatic first-port-of-call.

First Impressions

It’s very likely then, that for most people, your presence on the Web will be the first encounter they have with your organisation. Their first introduction to who you are, what you do, what you represent or what you offer.

This moment of “first contact” is an important one. So what sort of impression do you want people to have when they first visit your website?

Your ‘Public Face’

Beyond first impressions, for people over time, your website may become the primary (and only) representation of your organisation. The ‘public face’ for your organisation. Your website could be the only interaction many people ever have with you.

In light of this, isn’t your website the most important medium you have to explain your goals or express your ideas? Shouldn’t your website be well resourced, so it can be as useful and engaging as possible for those who visit it?

Add to this, the ways your website could be used to help you to do things more cost-effectively and efficiently. Keeping people up-to-date with news and events, allowing online applications and payments, membership systems, video and audio media, instant feedback … etc, etc.

It seems odd to us then, that some organisations appear to underestimate the value of their website. Most organisations realise they must have a website, but some seem not to realise its importance or potential, and this can lead to under-resourcing.

Having A Poor Website Could Damage Your Reputation

Having a website that doesn’t work well for those who use it – one that makes it difficult for people to find or do what they’d hoped – reflects badly on your organisation. Visitors may begin to question your competence, your trustworthiness, or your authority within a chosen sector.

As part of your overall public-relations, your organisation’s website is an extremely important component. So it shouldn’t be the thing you look to, should you need to consider cutting-corners.

Properly resourced – a meticulously planned, well designed, effectively functioning website – will serve you well and bring great benefits.

To those who haven’t already, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your website’s worth?