Custom Web Design - Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Your Website's Visual Design - Does It Enhance Or Hinder?

Scientific research has shown that, even before a single word of text is read, the first message a website visitor receives is a purely visual one. Like it or not, the way your website looks is extremely important to the people who use it. In a fraction of a second, every person coming to your site will form a opinion about you or your organisation, purely on the visual 'feedback' your website conveys to them. That's why we believe it's important to get the 'visual identity' of a website exactly right.

Peoples reaction to visual design is both complex and subtle, with much of it going on at a subconscious level. People will often express dislike for something without really knowing why - ".. I just don't like it!". We ourselves often visit good websites, with interesting content etc, but it just doesn't feel like a particularly pleasant experience? But we do know why - the design is wrong - the design doesn't enhance, it hinders.

As experienced web designers, Frieze Design will work with you to establish how the central aims of your website can be reinforced, reflected and enhanced through visual design.

Design That Audiences Can Identify With

An important consideration for any website is the type of audience it hopes to attract. Visual design has a major part to play in this. Having produced sites for many differing and discerning audiences, Frieze Design will create a GUI design that your specific target audience can identify with.

It's Web Design... Not Print Design!

Web design is a specialist discipline - a unique skill unlike designing in any other media. And although it helps to have an understanding of other media, web design is definitely not 'print design' for the screen.

In fact even the term 'web page' ('page' being borrowed from print), is slowly sounding like an anachronism. The web is a 'multi' media platform, carrying video, audio, web mail, games, e-commerce, interactive e-learning, social-media, even full-blown web applications not unlike those we use on our desktop computers.

Many of the larger web agencies began life as print designers, and merely expanded when the web came along. But old habits die hard, and these agencies will often try to force a 'print' approach in their web designs. It doesn't work.

We at Frieze Design only do web design, we've never done print work, nor do we want to. What we design are 'easy to use' interfaces between the website visitor and the technologies they are using. We don't design web 'pages', we design web-based graphical user interfaces (GUI).